Herbal Compress Ball 200g

100,00 kr

Herbal Compress Ball 200g for Body

Ideal for herbal compress ball massage in Thai Massage & Spa

What are herbal compress balls ?

Herbal balls, also called herbal bags or herbal compresses, have been used for many centuries in traditional Thai massage and Ayurvedic treatments. Nowadays they are particularly popular for wellness and relaxation massages. They typically contain 10 different traditional herbs & essential oils from Thailand, which are tied into a bag with cotton fabric. Heated in steam, these herbs & essential oils unfold their effect on the skin and thus lead to a very pleasant body feeling and stress relief.

✅ Powerful herbal blend to relieve tension and relax the body

✅ A pleasant fragrance from especially exquisite herbs, made in Thailand

✅ Easy to use with steamer. Heat the herbal compress balls in steam and massage them in circles with pressure on the Body

✅ Filled with 200g/herbal ball for application on the body

✅ Herb Compress Ball Massage as part of professional thai massages are the field of application of the Herbal Balls

✅ Reliable high quality. We always obtain the herbal compress balls from a state-certified company from Chiang Mai



Ingredients: Yellow turmeric, black turmeric, white turmeric, galanga (zingiber cassumunar), camphor, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, tamarind leaves, eucalyptus leaves – wrapped in a white cotton cloth.

Vikt 220 g


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