ZeroWater 1-Pack filter

200,00 kr

  • Fits all ZeroWater water filter pitchers.
  • Meets FDA standards for fully purified bottled water.
  • Removes 2x more dissolved solids than traditional filters.

More information

The ZeroWater filters can be purchased in different multipacks, including the 1-pack. The ZeroWater filter combines five different water filter technologies that together can remove almost all pollution from your drinking water. These filters are specially made for all ZeroWater water jugs/waterfilter systems.

  • Removes 2x more dissolved solids compared to conventional 2-stage filtration and carbon filters.
  • Removes 99.8% of all dissolved substances from the water including limeleadPFASglyphosate.
  • All ZeroWater products are completely BPA/BPS free.
  • As the only water filter jug certified for filtering lead and chromium.

More information about all substances that ZeroWater filters can be found under:
What does a ZeroWater filter remove?

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