Life Tent

149,00 kr

Räddningstält/räddningsfilt för fritidsmänniskor

Our high-performance Life Tent™ is a 2-person emergency shelter engineered to keep you warm, dry, and alive if you are lost on a hiking or hunting trip, stranded outside during a winter storm, or you are forced to spend an unplanned night out during an emergency.

Staying warm and protected from harsh conditions makes the difference between life and death in a survival situation.  The Life Tent™ is a must-have in your survival kit and is a small investment that could save your life.

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  • Heavy-duty waterproof and windproof survival tube tent
  • 20-feet of 550lb nylon core paracord resists moisture, mildew, and abrasions
  • Extra-thick tear & puncture resistant material locks out rain, wind, and snow
  • Interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat keeping your warm, dry, and protected from the elements
  • Patent Pending Para-Synch™ Technology: 9-strand 550lb paracord drawstring & 120-decibel survival whistle alerts rescuers
  • Perfect in your hiking or hunting pack, bug out bag, or survival gear


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